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[22 Apr 2005|12:35am]
well im back from ny and it was all and all pretty cool. besides that nothing really new. I get to go to TexASS in a few weeks to go through all my dads crap im waaaaaaaaaaaaay excited about that (note the sarcasm please) i hope everyone is well. I am going to see new order in sf on the 29th woooooo go me! I dont really know a lot of new order but who cares it will be fun just the same! We might go to pop scene the day before so all you sf bitches if you want to go call me up! now its nap time so peace out
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[05 Apr 2005|02:01am]
[ mood | confused ]

Im leaving for New York in like two days and im semi excited and semi not excited b/c im going with my effing family and thats no fun. I havent been online in for days and i miss everyone i havent chatted with. I will be in NY for Jenny Poo's birfday so if i dont get a chance to text you or whatever happy deuce deuce! Im most excited b/c i just got ten new cds to upload onto my ipod (thanks Dani!) and i will have cool new music to listen to on the plane intead of listening to my mom babble on about god knows what. I will miss everyone though and i know you bitches will miss me too!

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[15 Feb 2005|02:24pm]
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i cut my hair today and i look like an old man with a comb over! go me! Felicia attempted to kill me again yesterday and then came in to target looking for me again today....luckily i was not there or id have to beat some crazy bitch ass.....or run again
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[21 Dec 2004|03:21pm]
so who wants to go to the cure tribute party at popscene with me on Dec. 30th?! hmmm who wants to?!!!
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[14 Dec 2004|02:06pm]
so i just went to the dollar tree with muds between classes and we bought a bottle of wine and a six pack of smirnoff knockoffs for a grand total of $2.16 and were going to get fucked up and go to lipstick tonight and dance to new order with heidi as best as we can without falling over!
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[09 Dec 2004|01:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

wow i never update thats how lame sauce i really am. Im 21 now! Go me! I want to go to SLO soon and do the bar crawl there but i doubt it will happen anytime soon because i work at target and it sucks my butt. But i miss all you kids and I have nothing else to add

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[14 Sep 2004|01:55pm]
wow i need to lj it more often. Im back like 200 entries on my friends page and im still not caught up so i hope i didnt miss anything important like a death or a sneeze or something. Whats new....nothing...work sucks, school sucks. I miss all my SLO friends. Its so weird not hanging out in Jenny's room every night with erin dorsal fin and bethel t. crockerton just talking shit and watching Jenny play on her damn computer. Its been months since of heard a McNulty Dinosaur burp and that makes me sad. I miss hearing Ana yell at the king's players to shoot the ball. I miss Cameron calling me beautiful baby and telling me "you better stretch it" and sadly i miss Matt waking me up in the morning telling me he's going to spread my cheeks and pee in my butt. So nasty but i heart that kid.
Jennybot we need to go to the Slizzo and visit Erin and Ana and the Philly Blunt. Right now. Seriously get in your rice rocket and lets go. We have to be there by midnight so we can hang out on the horses before the sprinklers turn on and get back in time before taco bell closes. Johnny pants i miss u too and will you throw me a pirate themed birthday party too/?
Then afterwards Im going cruisin with the Ninje in the bronco whether she likes it or not and we are bumping pop goes punk with the top off and freezing our asses off. I'm sorry it's just happening. I miss you kids waaaaay too much

oy vey Woodland sucks my butt
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[31 Aug 2004|01:49am]
[ mood | chipper ]

holy shit i saw the cure last night at arco and it was sooooooooooo great. i managed to sneak my way onto the floor and was right on the rail for the rapture, interpol and, of course, the cure. i was literally like 3 feet away from robert smith and he looked me right in the fucking eye. Simons beautiful self was like 2 feet away and i swooned at his old ass. The rapture was fucking rad and adorable the lead singer shook christans hand and im jealous. Interpol was rad as well. Cooper Temple Clause was really good and i didnt realize it but i knew like every song from the bandroom. I just wanted to brag b/c im like that! oh yeah and one of the bands was mike checking with "i guess i love technology but not as much as you you see" from napoleon dynamite and it was rad!

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[05 Aug 2004|04:33pm]
oh yeah and did i mention that i hung out with theeeee David Morales on Sat. and he used to have a crush on me.....
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[25 Jun 2004|05:31pm]
Ive been on house arrest for three days now....my mom has grounded me...not literally but im too scared to ask her if i can leave. Im supposed to be cleaning...obviously its going well
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[16 Jun 2004|04:09pm]
[ mood | confused ]

i gut my hair cut today and i asked for an inch off with some light layers and now i have a friggin weird joan jett/mullet thing that makes me want to cry almost as much as my "Todd" cut did. Why does this happen to me i think my hair lady thing doesnt listen and does what she wants. My mom says its cute but Heidi says its ugly and i keep getting "oh its not that bad.." poo i dont want to leave the house. Rory won't even look at me...j/k I start back at target in t-minus 2 hours BOOOOOOOOOO im not happy but everyone that can should come visit me on the double. The pistons won haha lakers suck my ass. I talked to my bethel t last night and it was glooooorious. I missed her ever so much.
Saturday theres an 80's party in SF but i dont think i can go b/c i have to work the next day at 10 and that makes me sad. This entry is so stupid its like im high or 7 years old....possibly both..i gotta go

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[05 Jun 2004|10:55pm]
i went camping yesterday and im not a good camper and i smell like the lake still. I feel like i havent talked to anyone in so long! All i do now is go ot the bandroom and hang out and its getting out of hand. Im going to great america tomorrow for free and that to me is pretty rockin and it should be rockin to you as well. I miss everyone far too much and im feeling a little sick to my tummy. My moms got a new car and im obsessed with it i heart it so much! also my mom is out of town and im such a loser im not even going to have people over...wow im lame sauce. She even said it was okay as long as its not too many and nobody goes in her room and yet i just dont want to deal with this shenannigan. oy
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[29 May 2004|04:36am]
tonight i went out again, first to christans then to rexes again only to be insulted and beaten then we went to dennys and made friends. Beto one of the goth twins got really skinny and became friendly and ate with us with his super hot friend whom i wanted to do but liked kari more then i...damn. were all going to hang out tomorrow hopefully but for now sleep awaits
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[27 May 2004|01:16am]
so i went to the lake today and i already forgot what lake it was and it was very fun indeed. I did a little swimming, some drinking, some floating, got a little burnt but not too bad. Hung out with old friends, hung out with new ones. Noel backed into a parked car on my street and that was hilarious and sad. Jason is now my honorary best friend and i have to make him a duct tape badge and i get to boss him around like a boyfriend but he gets no benefits! "hes my dragon friend and i own him!" haha
I fell and scraped my leg up and its pretty gross but dont worry i saved the beer, i fell four times and never spilled a drop. i rock ! and its so weird but my left foot is on fire with the burn of the sun but nothing else is that bad...im so weird
hmm what else...i miss everyone in slo! and i need to see my woodland hos like esther, bethel and vickus so hop to it ladies!
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[26 May 2004|01:26am]
ok i just watched conan and i think it is fucking rad that harry friggin potter has a crush on brodie from the distillers and his favorite movie is fear and loathing in las vegas, this kid is 14! God im such a dork but isnt that funny/!?
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[25 May 2004|03:22pm]
oy! so im finally back in woodland after repeateded problems with vehicles! for those of you who have not heard the insanity ill enlighten you now for those of you who have heard it...oh well.
well first off my moms van was crunched about two weeks ago and we were going to consider it totalled as soon as we got home but she wanted to keep it until i moved just in case she didn't get a van again. So she drove it here with no problem and as we were leaving she got in front of me despite not knowing where to go. She pulled over and i assumed it was so i could get in front and she would pop out again but she didnt so i had to flip around and get her when and she had lost her cell phone. So she sent me all over town looking for it and i didnt find it so we said fuck it and left. Well i got on the freeway and kept looking for her and then i figured she was a dumbass and got on the wrong onramp b/c she wasn't displaying a lot of intelligence this weekend. Well apparently her axel broke completely and she was getting towed so once i got over the grade i got a call saying to turn around. So at this time its about 6:30ish and she stays on the phone with the insurance company for about 30 mins so they could tell us they cant do anything. So we rent a uhaul and the tow truck driver drives us to it. Now this cat is really nice but i did hear his life story and im happy to tell everyone hes finally dating amanda after months of trying to convince her. thank god!

ok so we have our uhaul now and we say ok were going to go back to my apt and stay the night. We sleep in our clothes b/c everything is packed. The next morning we go to fill up and the gas tank in the uhaul has a leak. SO we have to get a new uhaul and load that one up. so finally we leave and my mom cant drive a uhaul, she drove on the shoulder 30 percent of the time. SO i ditched her and finally im home! everythings moved in and finally i have my computer up and my dogs are here and thats good times. My mom has stolen my car though until she buys a new one so i havent moved out of this house in quite some time. I miss slo already.....
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BETH SMASHED HER NOGGIN [21 May 2004|12:49pm]
I smell like boy and thats not good at all i smell bad enough as it is according to erin dorsal fin. Went to a party last night and got home about an hour ago. Beth smashed her noggin and it was bad. Im so confused. 151 makes me retarded ive decided. It tastes like butthole on fire and ill take a shot, cry a little and be like oh nin never again and then 5 mins later im like "hey look at that i should drink that!" I never make any sense. Matts song about the gays made me piddle in my pants. I met oldtennisshoes  and i love him and want to have lots of sex and babies with him. I smell so bad its nasty.org and it needs to stop. i MOVE TOMORROW ISNT THAT SAD AND SCARY BUT MOSTLY SAD! oy vey i cant remember what i was going to say so fuck it.
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[12 May 2004|01:28pm]
You're Sally! Poor thing...Post this result in your
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Which Character From "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas" Are YOU?
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thats exciting....im obsessed with this movie its so sad...i wish i had a vcr so i could watch it right now...or i could just go buy the dvd and watch it right now....or i could just listen to the soundtrack and be happy....weird

anywho if you kids arent doooing anything tomorrow evening at 7 (thurs may 13) then you should go to cuesta and watch the night of scenes thing they are putting on b/c im in it. My scene made it to the top 5 in my class so you will see my lovely acting skills as well as hear a little modest mouse in the background. So everyone should come or i will cry!

i cant believe im moving in a week. Next week i will leave SLO never to return, except maybe to visit but never to live again oh no! Ill be in Woodland, playing softball, working and hanging out in places where there a little to no brohos to be found thank the lord! I really should be cleaning and packing right now but naturally im wasting time. I wish i still had my tv in my room so i could just throw on a movie and clean but i dont so i guess im screwed. ANYWAYS. uh im done

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[10 May 2004|12:05am]

I just got back from Long Beach a couple of hours ago and im exhausted! I had so much fun though. Bethel, Jenny, Jessica, Sarah and I all went to Club Bang in Hollywood and got out dance on. Yes thats right i did dance, it was terrifying but i did it. Club Bang is super rad and i would love to go back even though it might be hard since i have only so much time left living in this pile of poop i call SLO.  Beth has a new boyfriend named Fivel...he goes west...and he loves her hahahaha j/k bethel i love you! My aunt gave me 200 dollars for no reason, i got a check on saturday and i peed my little pants. So im going to spend it all on food and stuff for school and be pathetic...oh and maybe beer...thats like food you know. Um...i still have hw i should be working on so i think ill do that now or ill go buy an eye patch and start wearing it around town. whatevers easier.

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[08 May 2004|03:18am]
this is my third entry in a row! I cant stop touching my hair...im addicted its so soft and shiney what is going on?! i really should be sleeping since i have to look gorgeous for club bang tomorrow but i cant b/c im too distracted by my own hair
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